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MuniSoft Software

Bond Sizing Software

Del Rio Advisors, LLC offers a spreadsheet based municipal bond sizing package under the name MuniSoft that works with Microsoft Excel.

Introducing Version 2.01 (Beta)

All the same features as Version 1.22 with several additions:

  • Monthly and quarterly amortization
    • New formats for capitalized interest and project fund accounts
      • All contents in one spreadsheet (no spreadsheet links required)

      You can become a beta tester of Version 2.01 with the full purchase of Version 1.22 at $795.00.  After the beta testing period concludes you will receive an automatic upgrade at no extra charge to the latest version.

      For those current MuniSoft users you will receive an optional upgrade to the latest beta version at a cost of $100.00.

      The MuniSoft package does the following (Version 1.22):

      • Level, Deferred and Solve-Around Routines
      • Capitalized Interest, Construction Funds, Net Debt Service (Including Earnings)
      • Arbitrage Yield, TIC and NIC Calculations with Options
      • Standard Coupon Bonds, Capital Appreciation Bonds
      • Bond Insurance, Letters of Credit and Surety Bonds

      All schedules are industry standard and solve for (Version 1.22):

      • Annual Principal - Semi-Annual Interest
      • Annual Principal - Annual Interest
      • Semi-Annual Principal - Semi-Annual Interest

      The software comes with an easy to follow manual/tutorial with basic municipal bond sizing terms explained in a clear and easy to read manner.

      MuniSoft is not copy protected and is ideal for the office, home or tablet/laptop/notebook computers all for only $795.

      You can download and read the MuniSoft (Version 1.22)  manual here. (Microsoft Word required).

       Windows, Word and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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Sample Bond Sizing Output

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Sample Bond Sizing

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